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Water Resource Strategies

Water is local - and our team at LRE Water has the local knowledge in river administration and management, case history, court and rule making hearing decisions, and application of the prior appropriation doctrine that is needed to develop appropriate water resource strategies throughout the western US. Our water rights expertise, paired with our institutional knowledge of local water administration and Water Court matters, gives LRE Water a unique ability to forecast potential issues, and gives our clients the information necessary to minimize the impact of potential unknowns, plan ahead for uncertainties, and focus on those issues that have the potential to directly impact their water right assets.

Water Rights and Litigation Support

Master Planning

Water Rights Valuations

Surface Water Allocation Modeling


Our Groundwater Team serves our clients’ needs for groundwater resource development and management throughout the western United States. Working closely with our water rights/water resources planning and management team, environmental permitting and regulatory compliance specialists, and water information technology experts, we provide innovative groundwater solutions and develop resilient and reliable water supplies.

Groundwater Supply Development

Groundwater Resource Management

Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) /Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR)

Optimized Well Operations and Maintenance

Groundwater Modeling

AEM and Leapfrog Works 3D Visualization

Environmental Management

Using cost-effective and creative approaches, we help clients assess and implement proactive and actionable management approaches to resolve complex issues related to water quality, environmental permitting and regulatory compliance, watershed planning, and reservoir and source water management. Our clients include, but are not limited to, municipalities, water and wastewater districts, state or county agencies, industrial water users, and private landowners.

Regulatory and Permitting

Water Quality Management

Watershed Management and Planning

Reservoir Management

Water Innovation & Technology

Today, successful water management relies on an increasingly vast store of historical and real-time data. Our dedicated group of information specialists and modelers offer intelligent tools and customized data solutions to meet each client’s planning and operational needs. Our team members combine decades of water resources experience with data management, technical development, and modeling skills to support innovative and practical solutions. Our team has developed custom tools ranging from desktop tools to web-based interactive accounting tools and decision support systems. These tools rely on a proven approach that supports rapid deployment and long-term management, ensuring the tools remain operable and relevant for years to come. Our team’s modeling experience includes deterministic solutions supporting permitting and water supply assessments as well as sophisticated probabilistic water allocation models using a variety of platforms to support projections and decision support systems. By combining systems development and water resources expertise, we are able to leverage the best fitting platforms and techniques for building robust modeling solutions, effective data management interfaces, and intuitive data visualizations that guide decision making and address the unique challenges of the water industry today.

Data Capture

Daily Water Operations

Water Accounting

Decision Support

Data Visualization

Commercial Water

LRE Water provides integrated water resource engineering, water development planning, management, and permitting for its non municipal clients. Rather than simply providing services, we form partnerships with our clients and together we focus on developing solutions that provide measurable improvement to reduce our client’s capital spends while improving operational efficiencies.

Legal Guidance and Logistics

Integrated Water Resource Solutions

Financial Modeling and Valuations

Mine Water and Mine Waste Services

At LRE Water, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to address water- and waste-related challenges in mining operations. Leveraging our expertise in hydrogeology, geochemistry, water management, and mine waste management, we offer pragmatic and cost-effective strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. At LRE Water, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions that prioritize sustainability, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness. Partner with us to address your mine water and waste management challenges effectively.

Hydrogeological Services

Advanced Analytical Tools

Mine Water Management

Mine Waste Management

Geochemical Services

Pit Lake Management