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Historical Annual Runoff

Colorado Water Supply Outlook
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  • Annual totals by water year (Oct 1 – Sep 30).
  • Most recent water year data may be provisional.
  • Years with incomplete gauge data have been omitted.
  • Annual runoff totals are in units of 1000 Acre-Feet.

Graphs are interactive, hovering over data will show the runoff values.

Colorado Water Supply Outlook

The Natural Resource Conservation Service water supply outlook, as of May 1, 2024, contains the following estimates of runoff for the May through July 2024 period at the following gauges (Note: Not all gauges shown for historical runoff are forecasted, in which case a representative gauge from the outlook report was chosen):

Division River May - July Forecasted Runoff (1000 AF) % of 30 yr avg
1 South Platte River at South Platte* 130 90%
2 Arkansas River at Pueblo Reservoir Inflow* 315 100%
3 Rio Grande River near Del Norte* 92 94%
4 Gunnison River near Grand Junction 870 78%
5 Colorado River near Dotsero 1,310 103%
6 Yampa River near Maybell 805 107%
7 Animas River at Durango 245 73%