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Project Location Phoenix, AZ      |     Services Water Resource Strategies, Groundwater

City of Phoenix - Water Resource Acquisition Fee (WRAF) Updates

People Cortney Brand, Gary Gin

This project involved a two-year collaborative process with City of Phoenix WSD Planning Managers to update the City’s Water Resources Acquisition Fee (WRAF). It encompassed updating water demand (existing and new customers) projections and Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) factors, inventory of supplies, water supply risk analysis for a range of shortage conditions, water supply gap analysis, development of a 10-year Infrastructure Improvements Plan (IIP), and calculation of the new WRAF schedule for different customer classes and meter sizes. The report and updated WRAF schedule were eventually approved by City Council along with other Water and Wastewater Impact Fees and resulted in the creation of recharge and recovery well assets in new growth areas within the City.