LRE Water
Project Location Arizona      |     Services Groundwater

San Tan District - Recharge Permitting

People Gary Gin, Aaron Collins, , Lauren Handley

LRE Water evaluated and revised the Underground Storage Facility (USF) recharge permits at two of the San Tan District Water Reclamation Facilities (WRFs), and worked to obtain a new USF permit for recharge at the San Tan WRF. These facilities discharge Class A+ treated effluent through aquifer recharge and reclaimed use agreements. However, the WRFs have not been permitted correctly to maximize valuable recharge credits that offset groundwater pumping. LRE Water worked closely with EPCOR to correct inaccuracies in the previous permits and set the facilities up for compliant recharge that maximizes annual and long-term storage credits.


In addition, LRE worked with EPCOR to obtain Water Storage permits associated with a Groundwater Savings Facility through a local irrigation district in order to comply with agreements made during the Drought Contingency Planning for shortages on the CAP system, earn additional recharge credits, and create redundant discharge capacity for the WRFs.