LRE Water
Project Location Arizona      |     Services Groundwater

San Tan District - Groundwater Supply Study (Phases I and II)

People Gary Gin, Lauren Handley

For the San Tan District water system, LRE Water conducted a Groundwater Supply Study to address identified deficiencies in supply as compared with the projected future water demands in the service area. LRE Water was tasked with providing recommendations as to where additional water supplies could be acquired, along with how to improve the water quality (i.e. nitrates) to reduce the need for treatment.


Utilizing local and regional geology and hydrogeology, along with current and historical data on well yields, water quality, and water level trends, LRE Water performed a comprehensive analysis. The work concluded in a report that included a description of the data analyzed and results, and prioritized recommendations for the following:

  1. Well maintenance,
  2. Confirm operational feasibility of upgraded well production volumes,
  3. Maximizing existing well permitted pumping volumes,
  4. Well rehabilitation, and
  5. Well replacement options.

As part of Phase II of the Groundwater Supply Study, LRE Water created a Well Siting Prioritization tool that allows EPCOR to prioritize their well siting criteria (time, costs, water quality, and aquifer productivity) and weight them appropriately to meet their operational and growth needs.