LRE Water
Project Location Bailey, CO      |     Services Water Resource Strategies, Groundwater, Environmental Management

Lone Rock Retreat: Water Resources Development

People Mary Presecan, Diana Trejo Calzada, Hanna Anderson, Jacob Bauer, Joel Barber

Lone Rock Retreat sits on a 3,000 acre parcel of land located along the Rocky Mountain
Front Range in Park County. The property includes six on-site reservoirs and one off-site
reservoir, wide open meadows, healthy pine and aspen stands, and is a main corridor for elk migration. Over 500 acres of the ranch is managed as a conservation easement, allowing passive recreation and restricted use.

Starting in early 2008, LRE Water was hired to assist with water rights diligence review as part of a potential purchase of Lone Rock Ranch. Since that time, LRE Water has provided a wide range of water resource development and open space operations services including:

  • Development of water supply for development of the retreat center;
  • Technical litigation support for water rights development;
  • Technical support and testimony in support of an Application for Special Development Project Permit under Park County 1041 Water Regulations;
  • Development and implementation of a water management plan, including State-required water measurement, reporting, and accounting for water usage and reservoir operations; and
  • Ongoing development and implementatoin of recommendations in connection with water management for the site.