LRE Water
Services Water Resource Strategies, Groundwater, Environmental Management

Donala Water & Sanitation - Water Resources Services

People Janet Williams, Andrew Case, Brett Gracely, Dave Colvin, Jessica DiToro, Joel Barber, Mark Mitisek, Katy Kaproth-Gerecht, Kelsey Briggs

LRE Water’s services for Donala WSD have included: regulatory and water quality support for conceptual design for potential Indirect Potable Reuse [the Donala Extended Water Supply Reuse Project (DEWS)] to partially replace depleting groundwater supplies; developing a water quality sampling program to include sampling for contaminants of emerging
concern; and litigation support for water rights matters including the change of water rights associated with Willow Creek Ranch. Most recently, LRE Water prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) in support of the District’s application to Bureau of Reclamation for long-term excess capacity in Pueblo Reservoir. This contract supports operation of renewable supplies and offsets groundwater depletions. In support of the EA, LRE Water developed a point-flow model of the Arkansas River from Leadville to Pueblo Reservoir that was used to evaluate the impact of these deliveries to Donala.