LRE Water
Project Location Terry Ranch, CO      |     Services Groundwater, Water Innovation & Technology

Terry Ranch Due Diligence Hydrogeologic Characterization and ASR Feasibility Evaluation

People Cortney Brand, , Clinton Meyer, Dave Colvin, Diana Trejo Calzada, , Carolyn Nobel, Tucker Fullmer,

The City of Greeley, Colorado’s City Council recently voted to move forward with the Terry Ranch Project. The Terry Ranch Project is a generational water supply enabled through an innovative private-party purchase structure that allows for phased, affordable project development. LRE Water supported the City’s extensive due diligence activities related to characterizing the aquifer’s yield and water quality, and assessing the feasibility of conducting aquifer storage and recovery (ASR). LRE Water staff and its contractors collected over 7,000 water quality data points, and conducted aquifer testing, exploratory borehole drilling, geophysical logging, geochemical modeling, bench-scale testing, and ASR pilot testing. LRE Water constructed the Terry Ranch Aquifer Characterization Study GIS Story Map to communicate to the public the extensive data collected and complex findings of due diligence activities.