LRE Water
Project Location Verndale, MN      |     Services Groundwater

City of Verndale MN - Hydrogeologic Assessment and Well Interference Evaluation

People Mike Plante

LRE Water was retained by the engineer for the City of Verndale, MN (City) to assist with test hole drilling, test well installation, and short-term aquifer testing near a new water treatment plant for the City. The work was confined to three small footprints located outside the regulatory 50-ft property-line setback, the 50-ft sewer setback, and the water treatment plant that was currently under construction (Site). The objective of the project was to drill test holes at potential locations for an additional water supply well, select the best location as identified from the test hole drilling, construct one test well (not permitted as a municipal supply well), conduct an aquifer pumping test to estimate the well’s specific capacity and aquifer parameters of transmissivity (T) and storativity (S), and evaluate the potential for a well field to pump a total of 230 gallons per minute (gpm).