LRE Water
Project Location City of Apple Valley, MN      |     Services Groundwater

Apple Valley MN - Wellhead Protection Plan Amendment

People Jacob Bauer, Roscoe Sopiwnik

LRE Water was retained by the engineer for the City of Apple Valley, Minnesota (City) to develop an amendment (Amendment) to the City’s Part 1 Wellhead Protection Plan (Project). The objective of the Project was to review the existing plans and provide an Amendment using updated data including recent City Well withdrawal volumes, anticipated future groundwater withdrawal volumes, pumping test data, and revised county and regional geologic atlases. The Amendment provides the City an updated plan to help ensure the aquifers utilized by the City remain a sustainable and high-quality groundwater resource.



The Amendment included a vulnerability assessment for the City’s wells and Drinking Water Supply Management Area (DWSMA), which is the area encompassing the final combined WHPA.  These vulnerability assessments are used to help define potential contamination sources within the DWSMA and to select appropriate measures for reducing the risk that they present to the public water supply.