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Project Location West Texas      |     Services Commercial Water

Felix Energy - Water Supply and Aquifer Sustainability

People William Fronczak,

The project goal was to determine if the Felix Water, LLC (Felix) well field located in west Texas would be able to sustain constant groundwater production of approximately 3,150 gpm) or a period of 5-10 years without over-mining the Pecos Valley Alluvial Aquifer (PVA) in the area of the well field.

Project highlights:

  • Desktop review and field aquifer pumping test to collect hydrologic data
  • Develop sub-regional groundwater flow model
  • Drilled and tested 4 test wells to collect additional water quantity and quality information
  • Constructed a new production well based upon the modeling and test wells
  • Refinement of the groundwater flow model based upon the new production well

The LRE Commercial Water Team was able to demonstrate on the basis of the work done that Felix could operate the existing well field for at least 5 years at the 75 barrel per minute flow rate without ‘drying up’ the aquifer if 2 or 3 new wells were installed in a thicker section of the aquifer as identified as a part of this work.

Project Date: December 31, 2019