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Project Location Roark Ranch, TX      |     Services Commercial Water

Roark Ranch Water Resource Development

People William Fronczak,

LRE Water’s Commercial Water Team managed the evaluation and development of the groundwater resources and wells on the 28,000 acre Roark Ranch in west-central Winkler County, Texas (Figure 1- Location Map) for Winkler Services, LLC (Winkler).

The well field was constructed with the primary objective of providing completion water for nearby oil and gas clients located in the eastern part of the Delaware Basin of west Texas, and it was completed in multiple phases.

Project highlights:

  • Determined that there is 700,000 acre-feet of recoverable groundwater underlying the property
  • Installed six groundwater wells that produce 5,600 gpm to withdraw a portion of the water
  • Prepared a 3D geologic model interpretation of the PVA (Figure 2 - Geology model) using the surface geophysical surveys and borehole geophysical logs to identify areas on the ranch that would encounter the thickest section of saturated
  • Oversaw all field work and well installation
  • Preliminarily designed a 24 inch pipeline to transport the water from the wells 19 miles west to the oil and gas producers
Project Date: March 15, 2021