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Project Location Decatur, IL      |     Services Groundwater

Lake Decatur Horizontal Collector Well

People Martha Silks

Lake Decatur is a shallow lake subject to seasonal variability in stage and water quality.  In 2012, and several times in the past, the lake level fell to just a few feet above the supply intakes and restrictions were imposed on water use.  Several times in the previous ten years both the plant and the City were close to not being able to meet demand.  To prevent a plant shut down and the resulting loss of revenue the ADM sought an alternative source of water supply. 

Martha Silks served as the project manager and lead site hydrogeologist in evaluating the potential for using a shallow glacial sand aquifer as the back-up plant water supply.  Given the small size of the property and its proximity to a nearby lake, radial collector wells were identified as the best alternative for meeting the client’s needs.  Martha and her team provided technical services related to the bidding, design, construction oversight, and yield/performance testing of two 3.5 MGD collector wells, providing the plant with 7 MGD sustainable backup water supply.