LRE Water
Project Location Denver, CO      |     Services Water Innovation & Technology

WISE Web Portal

People Katy Kaproth-Gerecht, Mark Mitisek

The Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) regional water partnership between Aurora Water, Denver Water and South Metro Water Supply Authority is one of Colorado’s best examples of a collaborative and innovative approach to meeting today’s water supply challenges. Sharing available water supplies and infrastructure capacity reduces groundwater reliance, bolsters renewable water supplies to the South Metro area, and maximizes existing water supply usage. LRE Water developed the WISE Web Portal as a web-based resource allocation tool that allows ten partner entities to place water and capacity orders and collaboratively trade available water supplies within the South Metro WISE Authority system. Interactive alerts inform users about changes, opportunities, and resource request outcomes to facilitate planning and operations. The Portal plays a significant role in the daily operations of the WISE system and enables timely communication between water managers and operators.