LRE Water
Project Location Steamboat Springs, CO      |     Services Environmental Management

Yampa River 2b Temperature

People Diana Trejo Calzada, Jessica DiToro

Since 2015, LRE Water has been providing technical and regulatory support to the City of Steamboat Springs (the City) on temperature matters, including support in the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) Regulation 93 Rulemaking Hearing (RMH) for the Colorado’s Section 3030(d) List of Impaired Waters and Monitoring and Evaluation List, temperature monitoring study. Over the past five years, LRE Water has worked with the City to expand this monitoring study, and to analyze the data to identify potential sources of temperature to Yampa River Segment 2b. In 2019, LRE assisted the City in obtaining a temporary modification for chronic temperature standards at the WQCC Regulation 33 RMH for Classifications and Numeric Standards for the Upper Colorado River Basin and the North Platte River. Presently, LRE Water continues to support the City with its technical and regulatory temperature needs, which may include a wastewater treatment facility alternatives analysis, source identification and mitigation, water quality trading, and formal updates to the WQCC.