Justin has been working as an Systems and Network Administrator for almost 15 years. He was interested in computers from a very young age, primarily due to a love of video games, especially Quake, an online game. Through lots of trial and error, Justin built his first PC when he was just 6! Growing up, he realized he was already the go-to person that everyone would ask for IT help, and his curiosity and knowledge about various subjects grew as he learned more, such as Computer Networking, Information Security, Computer Forensics, and Hardware Virtualization, to name a few. Justin is continually learning and exploring things from different angles. says he always appreciates how much depth there is to the technology world. Justin is originally from the Fort Worth area, and went to school at Texas State University. Prior to LRE Water, he worked for Intuitive Performance Solutions, a consulting company that specializes in implementation and integration strategies for a variety of products such as SAS Financial Management, SAS Business Analytics, and Infusionsoft Marketing and Automation.