Our Groundwater Team serves our clients’ needs for groundwater resource development and management. Our work ranges from groundwater water rights and supply planning to well design, construction, testing, and operational optimization. Our groundwater services include innovative groundwater solutions that provide water storage and water quality improvements. Examples of these solutions are aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), soil aquifer treatment (SAT), and riverbank filtration (RBF). We work in a wide variety of geologic settings including deeper bedrock aquifers and surficial alluvial aquifers that benefit from conjunctive management.

The LRE Groundwater Team uses a diverse set of field data collection tools to characterize subsurface conditions including investigative boreholes, aquifer tests, geophysical surveys and remote sensing. Our hydrogeologists use data analysis and models that are appropriate for the project needs, ranging from low cost, simple calculations to complex, basin-wide models. We utilize three dimensional geological modeling to assess and visualize subsurface data. We construct and work with numerical groundwater models with large amounts of input data, use automated calibration software to improve model accuracy, and employ rigorous uncertainty analyses. Our modelers also frequently gain schedule and budget efficiency by implementing advanced data management techniques such as cloud computing.