Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

Regulations are more complex today than in the past.

As our population grows and demands on our water resources are increased to meet their needs, protection and improvement of water quality has become more challenging. As rivers and lakes are tapped for potable supplies, the capacity of our waters to assimilate pollutants diminishes. LRE’s Environmental Management and Regulatory Compliance Team helps our clients navigate the regulatory processes for acquiring permits and needed approvals to expand and more effectively use water supplies. We also assist our clients with evaluation and negotiation of wastewater discharge permits.  

LRE’s Environmental Team works with our clients and regulatory agencies to provide effective solutions for meeting our clients’ complex environmental planning and regulatory compliance needs. We integrate our company’s core water resources business with environmental management to provide innovative answers for sustainable use of water resources. We work to provide water and protect water quality for the needs of a growing human population while protecting the natural environment for the benefit of mankind. We seek practical, collaborative solutions to meet the needs of our clients, and we understand the diverse perspectives of water and wastewater providers, their customers, and environmental stakeholders.

LRE’s Environmental Team provides outstanding, integrated services to our clients by staying apprised of existing and emerging regulatory changes that affect our clients. We anticipate and prepare for pending regulatory changes and the future needs of our clients. Our staff is strongly committed to pre-permitting planning. Effective permitting requires a solid game plan to successfully reach our clients’ goals. This requires an in-depth knowledge of regulations, insight, and a team approach involving the client, the regulatory agencies, stakeholders, and LRE staff.

Our environmental compliance and permitting expertise is expansive. On the federal level we have successfully helped clients obtain:

  1. 404 Permits, jurisdictional wetland determinations and wetland mitigation plans,
  2. Forest Service Special Use permits,
  3. Endangered Species Act Clearance,
  4. NEPA compliance, and
  5. Safe Drinking Water Act compliance.

LRE’s extensive experience in assisting clients with local planning, permitting, and legal issues includes:

  1. 1041 Permits in several counties,
  2. Clean Water Plans and Wastewater Utility Plans,
  3. Water Conservation and Drought Plans
  4. Litigation support, and
  5. Preparing new water system capacity planning manuals.

Permits and approvals requiring state authorization are becoming more challenging to obtain. Our knowledge of current regulations and guidance, coupled with a historic evolutionary perspective of regulatory programs, provides LRE staff with the tools needed to successfully navigate the wastewater discharge permit (NPDES Permits) and other Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act State-delegated requirements and compliance process.

We assist our clients with:

  1. Negotiation of water quality standards,
  2. NPDES permit conditions and compliance schedules,
  3. Development of Stormwater Management Plans (SWMPs),
  4. 401 certifications, and
  5. Gravel Mining Permit Reviews and MLRB Hearings.