The Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) regional water partnership between Aurora Water, Denver Water and South Metro Water Supply Authority is one of Colorado’s best examples of a collaborative and innovative approach to meeting today’s water supply challenges. Sharing available water supplies and infrastructure capacity will reduce groundwater reliance and bolster renewable water supplies to the South Metro area, while maximizing the use of existing water supplies.

LRE developed the WISE Web Portal, a resource allocation tool for placing water and capacity orders from the WISE system.  The portal tracks the orders as multiple users make requests and designations for a sophisticated series of options.  Interactive alerts inform users about changes, opportunities, and resource request outcomes to facilitate planning and operations.  The WISE Portal will play a significant role in the daily operations of the WISE project and will enable timely communication between water managers and operators.  The flexible web architecture ensures that the portal will be able to adapt to operational changes and function throughout the project.

The Portal is built on non-proprietary platform, including Ubuntu Linux, Apache web-server, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, PHP scripts (LAMP) and a Drupal website.