In 2017, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) hired LRE Water to assess the subsidence risk due to groundwater pumping for every major and minor aquifer Texas. Our team conducted analysis of well log data, driller’s reports, subsidence observations, pumping records, groundwater availability models, and other available data to quantitatively assess subsidence potential. Project Leader Mike Keester developed the tools and techniques used to evaluate the potential for subsidence based on clay thickness, clay type, aquifer lithology, pre-consolidation level, and future water level changes. He also guided development of the subsidence prediction tool to estimate subsidence potential within any major or minor aquifer in Texas. In mid-2018, we delivered the final results to TWDB, including geodatabases of subsidence risk evaluations for each aquifer, a written report detailing findings, and an Excel-based application for stakeholder use in evaluating subsidence risk. TWDB has the mapping tool on their website here.