Preparation of the South Platte Storage Study (SPSS) was signed into law on June 9th, 2016 as HB16-1256. The purpose of the study is to investigate multi-purpose water storage possibilities (including new reservoirs, enlargement of existing reservoirs, and aquifer storage and recovery sites) in the Lower South Platte River Basin. As a sub-consultant to MWH, LRE’s responsibilities include: preparation of a literature review describing the federal, state, and local laws and agreements affecting the planning, permitting, and construction of storage possibilities in the South Platte Basin, characterization of the amount, type of use, geographic location, and temporal distribution of water demands; characterization of water quality requirements associated with the identified demands; update of the point flow model used to evaluate historical flow conditions; development of methodology to evaluate potential for conditional water rights affecting water availability at any point on the mainstem of the South Platte River in the study area; conceptual development, screening, and cost-benefit analysis for all aquifer storage alternatives; and screening of all identified storage alternatives for permitting, water quality, and administrative constraints.