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At LRE, our goal is to enable a steady and profitable pace of growth, so we are committed to finding the right mix of people to build our business and serve our valued clients. Because we are dedicated to a system of core values, we specifically recruit professionals that are aligned with our needs and culture.

Generally, we hire professionals with five to ten years of water industry experience as an engineer, geologist or scientist, who demonstrate a combination of technical, management, computer, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills. If you feel that your education, work experience, and skill sets meet our requirements, we encourage you to send us a letter and resume expressing your interest. Please know that we take seriously our review process and highly value your interest in our firm.

LRE offers a comprehensive benefits program that includes a 401(k) retirement plan, health care benefits, career development opportunities, and an outstanding work environment. Our benefits program is designed to provide staff the opportunity to realize personal, professional, and financial growth, making LRE a great place to work!

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Environmental Project Manager

We are currently seeking a Project Manager for our Environmental Management Group, with 10-15  years’ experience in environmental science.

Job Description:

The candidate should have previous experience managing $25,000 to $100,000+ projects.  She/He should be able to target and develop new and long-term relationships that lead to projects and repeat projects from new and/or existing clients, as well as the ability to identify client needs and future projects.  This ability includes being able to distinguish a one-time project from a long-term client relationship with the need for LRE services multiple times.

Essential Skills:

  • Effectively confer with management, technical, and marketing staff to discuss projects and business development.
  • Concisely present and explain proposals, reports, and findings to clients.
  • Proven ability to assess project feasibility by analyzing technology, resource needs, and market demand.
  • Accurately develop, review, and recommend contract scopes and cost estimates.
  • Develop and implement policies, standards, and procedures for engineering, scientific, and technical work.
  • 10+ years’ experience working with water quality permitting, water quality standards development, NPDES/CDPS permitting, 401 certifications, water quality assessments, water quality monitoring and reporting, watershed management, nonpoint source management, point/nonpoint trading, pretreatment program development, and stormwater quality management.
  • Knowledge of Colorado’s environmental regulatory framework, including Colorado Water Quality Control Commission regulations, Colorado Discharge Permit System, Water Quality Standards, and 401 Certification Regulations.  Also knowledge of Federal Clean Water Act, National Environmental Policy Act, and Safe Drinking Water Act.

Manage projects:

  • Develop and meet realistic budgets and schedules for projects.
  • Negotiate and present contracts to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) that minimize or mitigate contractual risk to LRE.
  • Achieve company targets for client billings, collections, WIP, holds, and write downs.
  • Provide effective, timely written and oral communication (has ability to effectively convene both good or bad news).
  • Proven ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects and clients and effectively prioritize project and tasks.
  • Develop and implement solutions to solve complex problems (indicators are successful completion of projects without wasting time and money on useless efforts and by effectively delegating specific sub-tasks to appropriate team members).

Develop and maintain good working relationships with clients and staff members

  • Maintain exceptional client satisfaction.
  • Help the client correctly understand, identify, and formulate problems (indicators are client collaboration, successful problem solving, and efficient presentation of results).
  • Lead both internal and external teams (indicators are consensus building, inspiring commitment from others, adjusting style for benefit of others, being an agent of beneficial change, and demonstrating the ability to focus on results as well as the process).
  • Make sound, technical, and strategic decisions that are aligned with LRE core values, strategic vision, and business model even in high-pressure situations and when information is incomplete.
  • Select, organize, inspire, and manage teams.
  • Be available to answer questions.
  • Provide clear, concise direction to team members (including time, budget, and deadlines).
  • Effectively delegate both responsibility and authority for completion of tasks to team members (including defining realistic expectations).
  • Communicate changes to team members in a timely way.
  • Routinely communicate with team members.
  • Demonstrate caring, respectful, community-focused behavior.
  • Address client concerns before they become big problems.
  • Sustain ethical, respectful, tactful behavior.
  • Display effective listening skills.
  • Display the ability and commitment to develop staff through training, mentoring, and coaching (pass on the lessons learned). This includes providing timely, specific feedback about things that have been done well and things that need to be corrected.  (Indicators are having qualified staff members, who want to work with the Project Manager, and who are gaining experience through delegation of assignments and feedback from the Project Manager).

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Successful multi-tasking and project completion.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Proficiency with all Microsoft Office programs.
  • Highly satisfied employee, demonstrating a positive attitude, initiative, persistence, decisiveness, and resourcefulness.
  • Display good business and professional judgment and behavior.
  • Complete invoices accurately and on time.
  • Do what it takes to fulfill professional obligations and commitments.
  • A very high level of competence across all areas of work including technical, computer, writing, verbal, and presentation skills.
  • Ability to manage projects to meet project deadlines in a way that meets or exceeds client expectations without exceeding the budget.

BS in Environmental Enginnering, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Water Resources or similar


Professional Registration, P.E. License, Certifications
Project Management Professional Certification
Masters Degree in one of the above fields
If you meet the minimum requirements above and are interested in this position, please submit your cover letter and resume to  Please include a one page cover letter highlighting your top strengths and experiences that qualify you for this position.  Leonard Rice Engineers, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.