Ground Water Rights and Litigation Support

LRE has repeatedly demonstrated that sound hydrogeologic interpretation leads to success in adjudicating Denver Basin non-tributary ground water rights or adjudicating an augmentation plan for tributary wells.  We assisted the City of Lakewood in adjudicating more than 10,000 acre-feet per year of ground water from the Denver Basin, and assisted the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District adjudicate and augment its wells in Beebe Draw and the Box Elder Creek Alluvial Aquifer.

We know it's a big day when the judge signs your decree so that you can get on with the business of developing and using your ground water or surface water right. As a part of the team that gets you there, we have considerable experience answering the critical augmentation plan question, "What is the timing and amount of the stream depletion caused by the well pumping?" Similarly, we have often answered the corollary question, "What is the timing and magnitude of applied irrigation water return flow?" We use various approaches including the "Glover Method" or computer modeling (MODFLOW) to answering these questions.  The choice of which tool to use depends upon the purpose, budget, and data available. Regardless of the tool used, we have learned over the years that the results are significantly more reliable when the evaluation is based upon a sound hydrogeologic interpretation.

In addition to the analysis and expert report and exhibit preparation, we have experience serving as expert witnesses and participating in negotiations with opposers to water court applications.