"LRE is above the competition, and the competition is pretty good."

-David Allen, Deputy Public Works Director for the City and County of Broomfield

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Long-Term Clients

Long-term relationships are important to us because they are the truest measure of how our clients value our efforts. These are some of the 1400 clients we have enjoyed serving over the years and the year we began working with them.

Flatiron Companies - Client Since 1971

We provide the Flatiron Companies (Flatiron Sand and Gravel Company, Flatiron Park Company, etc.) with consultation in connection with flood plain delineation and management, and obtaining gravel permits. The most recent work involved providing the engineering required to the City of Boulder, Boulder County, and FEMA to officially recognize a flood control levee that protects land now owned by the University of Colorado (formerly a gravel mine) in the natural flood plain of South Boulder Creek. Current work includes the ongoing restudies of the 100-year flood plain of Boulder and South Boulder Creeks.

City of Brighton - Client Since 1975

We provide consultation as it relates to water resources planning and management. Most recently, LRE has assisted the City in developing its augmentation plan and augmentation supplies as the City's predominant water supply comes from alluvial wells. LRE provides engineering in support of Brighton's own water court cases and in reviewing other entities water court cases in order to protect Brighton's interests. LRE also assists the City with supply and demand analyses, water rights acquisitions, ground water modeling, and augmentation accounting.

Winter Park Water and Sanitation District - Client Since 1975

We provide ongoing water supply planning and water rights services for the District. Services have included expert testimony; water supply and demand projections; evaluation of alternatives for meeting demands; and assistance with planning, management, and protection of the District's water resources.

Town of Avon - Client Since 1976

We provide consultation for water supply and water rights needs, including development of its decreed augmentation plans. We assist in ongoing negotiations with The Town's present water provider, the upper Regional Water Authority, as it grows into its ultimate water demand. We represent the Town as an objector in the water right cases of other entities along the Eagle River.

City and County of Broomfield - Client Since 1977

We provide consultation in connection with potable and non-potable water supply systems, which includes assisting to attain decrees in water rights cases by providing support through engineering and expert testimony. We assist with water resources planning; design and construction observation of facilities; review and consultation of potential water rights acquisitions; design and implementation of a database-supported accounting system for its reuse water, which includes web-based data entry, and web-based and Excel-based reporting; and negotiation and collaboration with other entities.

Urban Drainage and Flood Control District - Client Since 1979

We provide assistance in documenting floods as they happen and after they occur. Documentation includes evidence of flow path (floods don't always go where they are expected to go), damages caused, rainfall totals, and magnitude of the flow. LRE also provides specialized consultation related to real-time monitoring of rainfall in connection with its flood warning system for the metropolitan area.

Wyoming Water Development Commission - Client Since 1982

We help investigate water needs and development opportunities, including quantifying irrigation demands and shortages and identifying water available to meet those shortages. We have assisted with projects in the Little Snake drainage, the upper Green River basin, Cottonwood Creek, and Shell Creek. These projects involved the development of consumptive use and surface water allocation models. Recently, we helped the Wyoming Water Development Commission and the Wyoming State Engineer's Office determine the feasibility of developing a Decision Support System for the Green River Basin.

Eagle River Water and Sanitation District - Client Since 1984

We assist with a wide range of water resources consulting services that include ground water needs such as designing, drilling, and troubleshooting their extensive system of wells; regulatory compliance and permitting services such as 1041 & 404 permits, wastewater discharge permit updates, watershed nonpoint source protection planning, and planning for nutrient and phosphorus standards updates; and water infrastructure projects such as feasibility of pump back system to satisfy in-stream flow water rights, pump station/well house design and construction management, and distribution system additions.

Salt River Project - Client Since 1984

We were involved in the Gila River Adjudication, which included water rights modeling of the perennial streams in Arizona, analysis of the impact of well pumping on stream flow in three river basins, and testimony in various hearings. We provided technical review of a study of the "C" Aquifer as an alternate water supply for a coal slurry pipeline. Recently, we evaluated the impact of the City of Prescott's plans to export water from the Big Chino Basin of the Verde River headwater springs by using a finite difference ground water flow model.

City of Lakewood - Client Since 1985

We have provided a variety of services over the years, from water supply planning to ground water services, and from headgate design to engineering support for water rights change of use cases. We assisted with federal permitting and the development of water supplies for golf courses and parks. LRE continues to provide water rights and water resources consulting and provides assistance with operational and water accounting issues.

Town of Frisco - Client Since 1985

We provide consultation on water demands, wells, and water rights, including development of and accounting for their decreed plan for augmentation (Water Division 5 Case No. 85CW148). Services include representing the Town as an objector in the water right cases of other entities along the Eagle River and in negotiations with the Denver Water Department, Summit County, and area developers.
www.friscogov.com, www.townoffrisco.com

South Suburban Park and Recreation District - Client Since 1987

We provide engineering of irrigation well replacements and water rights and water supply planning for park irrigation.

City of Black Hawk - Client Since 1991

We serve as the City's water resources engineering firm and provide on-call services for a variety of projects, including permit review and regulatory compliance; utility design; water rights planning, development, and protection; ground water services; water supply planning and projections; and coordination of operations and water accounting.

JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding LLC - Client Since 1991

We assist the Colorado Beef Feedlot, Kuner Feedlot, and Gilcrest Feedlot of JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding with their water resources needs. Projects have included engineering support for water right change cases and augmentation plans, management of system accounting, development of water quality sampling and analysis plans, and ongoing consulting relating to the water resources for the feedlots.

Southern Ute Indian Tribe - Client Since 1992

We assist with a wide variety of water resources investigations and projects. Ongoing project efforts include assistance with the San Juan Recovery Implementation Program, Animas-La Plata Project operations, and Vallecito Reservoir operations. We also have assisted with specific water right change cases, securing augmentation water for CBM well depletions, and designing canal enhancements.

Colorado Water Conservation Board - Client Since 1993

We assist on a variety of water resource planning projects. We have developed of basin-wide surface water allocation models representing the North Platte River, Colorado River, Gunnison River, San Juan River, lower South Platte River, and Rio Grande as part of the Colorado Decision Support System. We assist them in periodically quantifying the Colorado River basin consumptive uses and losses, and use both the consumptive use and surface water models we have developed to investigate water available to instream flows and fish flows. We are currently working on the Colorado River Water Availability Study to understand how projected climate change impacts water rights and reservoir uses.

Donala Water and Sanitation District - Client Since 1993

We provide services including designing and observing the construction of Denver Basin Aquifer water supply wells, including one well over 2000-feet deep. We have assessed the ground water development potential and recommended well locations. Using simplified ground water modeling, we have assessed the impact of regional ground water development on Donala's wells. Recently, we provided technical support in a change of use of a surface water right in the Upper Arkansas River basin from irrigation to municipal use.

Grand County Water & Sanitation District No. 1 - Client Since 1994

We provide ongoing water rights and water resources consulting, including water supply planning and projections, and management of water rights and water resources.

Penrose Water District - Client Since 1996

As Penrose Water District works to develop a reliable supply of water for the growing community, we assist the District with wide range of water resources matters. We have performed analyses to determine future water demands, evaluate existing water supplies, and assess future water supply options. We have prepared engineering analyses and worked with legal counsel to obtain a decree for a change of water right and exchange. We prepared a loan application for a Colorado Water Conservation Board Construction Fund loan to be used for development of raw water supplies.

Town Center Metropolitan District - Client Since 2000

We have provided water resources consulting services since the District was formed. LRE has assisted with securing water rights for the District's eight non-tributary wells, selected the well locations for optimal yield, designed the wells, and managed the well drilling. We have assisted with supply vs. demand evaluations, storage calculations, filing of multiple SWSP's, and engineering support for an augmentation plan.

Colorado State Parks - Client Since 2001

We assist with securing water rights to benefit recreational uses, including replacing reservoir evaporation, domestic water use at recreational facilities, and for augmentation of junior water rights. We have worked with State Parks at Trinidad Reservoir, North Sterling Reservoir, Boyd Lake, Chatfield Reservoir, and Golden Gate Canyon.

Black Hawk/Central City Sanitation District - Client Since 2001

In our capacity as District Engineer, we review plans from developers interested in being served by the District, provide contract management and on-site construction observation of sanitary sewer projects, design additions and upgrades to the sanitary system, and develop and maintain the District design standards. We assist with regulatory compliance and permitting concerns by representing them at local meetings such as Upper Clear Creek Watershed Association, Water Quality Control Division, and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Central Colorado Water Conservancy District - Client Since 2004

We provide engineering analysis and litigation support for adjudication of water rights; water supply strategic planning; development of accounting, supply management, and optimization tools for administration of augmentation plans. We design and maintain web based and desktop data integration tools for monitoring and managing detailed day-to-day operational information. We also design and permit for water development infrastructure.